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  Water 6 Cup (96 tbs)
  Dried kelp 1 (3 Inch Square, Kombu)
  Dried flaked bonito 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs) (Katsuobushi)

In large saucepan bring water to boiling.
Meanwhile, wash dried kelp under cold water.
Add to the water in saucepan as it comes to a boil.
Stir and let boil gently for 3 minutes.
Remove kelp from the water and discard.
Stir in dried flaked bonito; simmer for 10 minutes.
Remove from the heat and do not disturb for 2 minutes to allow the flakes to settle to the bottom.
Place a double thickness of cheesecloth or other clean cloth in a sieve set over a large bowl.
Pour in the stock and let the bonito drain; discard bonito.
Use as directed in recipes.

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