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Culinary Programs in High School

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There needs to be more support and funding for high school culinary programs. They would benefit kids greatly and help them determine if going into the food service industry was for them.

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we gotta have a fund raiser dinner, where the food service class cooks or sumthing to get it out to the public
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Would that be during the school year? We'd also gotta find a way to attract people to it.
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we could put a few bucks together and put it in the newspaper and hand flyers out a school or sumthing
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Unfortunately, the local papers do not do anything for me. In the last 5 years, all I can get from the Herald is postage stamp size ads. When they send a photographer out, pictures do not make it in.
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My fiance is a high school teacher, and his school USED to have a "home ec/culinary arts" program. It turns out, it's really the INSURANCE for such a program that keeps most schools away from it.  think about it:  ovens... KNIVES... his step-mother is a Home Ec teacher at the Jersey Shore, and has all kinds of stories from hers' and others' classes where kids smoked cigarettes and tried to blow it into the ovens, or throw utensils at each other.  They ended that one too, when the premiums went up.  It's a damn SHAME is what it is... but, as always, money talks.
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WOW! I haven't heard such stories in the Midwest. We usually get canceled due to lack of funding. They would rather keep the sports going and not the vocational education programs. Our kids are really good, mainly they take the classes becaue they think there easy or want to eat. But we have many that are interested in going on in the food service industry. This year of my seniors in my advanced level classes I have 8 going to culinary school. That is a BIG number for us!
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Our local Jr College has an impressive Culinary and Hotel Management Program, rated very high. They have a luncheon and dinner service on some days, as well as a fun food and wine benefit to raise money every year. Also several of the area high schools offer this type of programs.
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So does ours. In fact our high school restaurant students go there for a day and work with the chefs and freshman students. Thanks for the web site! "Science It's What's for Dinner" Alton Brown Good Eats
Culinary Programs In High School