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APICIUS–The Culinary Institute of Florence, Italy

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General Information

Private, coeducational, culinary institute. Urban campus. Founded in 1996.

Program Information

Offered since 1996. Program calendar is divided into semesters. 2- to 3-semester certificate in master in Italian cuisine. 2- to 3-semester certificate in food communications. 2- to 3-semester certificate in Italian bakery and pastry. 2- to 3-semester certificate in wine expertise. 2- to 3-semester certificate in food packaging and design. 2- to 3-semester certificate in hospitality management. 2- to 3-semester certificate in culinary arts.

Program Affiliation

Association of Professional Italian Chefs; International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Areas of Study

Baking; culinary skill development; food preparation; international cuisine; meal planning; meat cutting; patisserie; restaurant opportunities; soup, stock, sauce, and starch production; wines and spirits.


4 classrooms; computer laboratory; 3 demonstration laboratories; 2 food production kitchens; garden; 2 lecture rooms; library; public restaurant; 3 student lounges; 3 teaching kitchens; state of the art wine appreciation room.

Student Profile

100 full-time. 70 are under 25 years old; 15 are between 25 and 44 years old; 15 are over 44 years old.


13 total: 10 full-time; 3 part-time. 5 are master chefs; 1 is a master baker; 7 are culinary-certified teachers. Prominent faculty: Marcella Ansaldo; Duccio Bagnoli; Andrea Trapani; Diletta Frescobaldi. Faculty-student ratio: 1:8.

Special Programs

Internships in local restaurants/hotels/wineries, 10-day tours of Tuscany, private customized cooking classes.

Typical Expenses

Application fee: $75. Tuition: $5500 per semester full-time, $2800 per monthly part-time. Program-related fee includes $250 for student service fee.

Financial Aid

In 2005, 3 scholarships were awarded (average award was $1000). Employment placement assistance is available.


Apartment-style housing available. Average on-campus housing cost per month: $950.

Application Information

Students may begin participation in January, June, July, and September. Application deadline for spring is November 1. Application deadline for fall is July 1. In 2005, 80 applied; 80 were accepted. Applicants must submit a formal application.



Marilyn Etchell
Admissions Officer
7151 Wilton Avenue
Suite 202
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Telephone: 707-824-8965
Fax: 707-824-0198
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APICIUS–The Culinary Institute Of Florence, Italy