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Liaison College Culinary Arts Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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General Information

Private, coeducational, culinary institute. Urban campus. Founded in 1996.

Program Information

Offered since 1996. Accredited by Ontario Apprenticeship Board, Ministry of Colleges and Universities. Program calendar is continuous. 300-hour diploma in cook (advanced). 300-hour diploma in cook (basic). 400-hour diploma in hospitality administration. 80-hour diploma in personal chef.

Program Affiliation

Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks; Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association; Cuisine Canada; Women in Food Industry Management.

Areas of Study

Baking; buffet catering; controlling costs in food service; convenience cookery; culinary French; culinary skill development; food preparation; food purchasing; food service communication; food service math; garde-manger; international cuisine; introduction to food service; kitchen management; management and human resources; meal planning; menu and facilities design; nutrition; nutrition and food service; patisserie; restaurant opportunities; sanitation; saucier; seafood processing; soup, stock, sauce, and starch production.


Bake shop; classroom; gourmet dining room; lecture room; teaching kitchen.

Student Profile

800 total: 600 full-time; 200 part-time. 300 are under 25 years old; 375 are between 25 and 44 years old; 125 are over 44 years old.


22 total: 15 full-time; 7 part-time. 22 are culinary-certified teachers. Prominent faculty: Michael Elliott, CCC; Tom Hummel; Oleg Popov, CCC; Wanda MacDonald. Faculty-student ratio: 1:15.

Special Programs

Culinary competitions, day trips to culinary interest spots, Co-op (optional).

Typical Expenses

Application fee: Can$100. Tuition: Can$6495 per 300 hours-4 months full-time, Can$6495 per 300 hours-10 months part-time. Program-related fees include Can$400 for utensil/tool kit; Can$200 for uniform; Can$125 for text; Can$70 for fees/dues.

Financial Aid

In 2004, 4 scholarships were awarded (average award was Can$800). Program-specific awards include full-payment discounts. Employment placement assistance is available. Employment opportunities within the program are available.

Application Information

Students may begin participation year-round. Applications are accepted continuously. In 2004, 1400 applied; 600 were accepted. Applicants must interview; submit a formal application, letters of reference, mature student testing.



Susanne Mikler
Director of Admissions
Culinary Arts
1047 Main St E
Hamilton, ON L8M IN5
Telephone: 800-854-0621
Fax: 905-554-1010 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Liaison College Culinary Arts Hamilton, Ontario, Canada