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The Art Institute Of Tampa Culinary Arts Program Tampa, Florida

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General Information

Private, coeducational, two-year college. Urban campus. Accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Program Information

Program calendar is divided into quarters. 77-week associate degree in culinary arts program.

Areas of Study

Baking; beverage management; buffet catering; food preparation; food purchasing; food service communication; garde-manger; kitchen management; nutrition; sanitation; wines and spirits.

Typical Expenses

Application fee: $50. Tuition: $385 per per credit hour. Program-related fees include $100 for enrollment fee; $850 for starting supply kit; $285 for lab fee (per quarter). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Director of Admissions
Culinary Arts Program
4401 North Himes Avenue
Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33614
World Wide Web:  The Art Institute of Tampa Culinary Arts Program Tampa, Florida ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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