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How To Become A Dietician

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To become a dietician or an expert in food and nutrition requires a degree in dietetics or nutrition. To be a part of the growing health industry, it is rewarding to become a dietician. People are becoming conscious of weight and the importance of a wholesome diet. Therefore, train to be a dietician and be a part of the interesting industry.

There are several courses and institutes that help people train to be a dietician. Dieticians or nutritionists are required in hospitals, schools, in weight loss programs, gymnasiums and clinics. There are also some specialized fields such as food processing industry that require dieticians to inspect the nutritional quality of the food.

To become a dietician, one should be interested in making people become healthy through organized planning of food. These days, many schools are also insisting for good trained dieticians to help children eat a wholesome meal. So, become a dietician to a be a part of the interesting field where people, need to be counseled on good food habits.

Training: In the high school, take up subjects such as biology, chemistry and mathematics. To become a dietician one should complete a degree in dietetics, nutrition or a related field. Each state has specific requirements in order to practice as a dietitian or nutritionist in that state. 

Also, different countries have specific guidelines to help you train to be a dietician. For instance, in America one can become a registered dietician through the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the American Dietetic Association. This also includes registration and certification to practice as a dietician.The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that as of 2008 the commission has approved 279 bachelor programs and 18 masters programs.

Before, registering or any course to train to be a dietician, first check the program each institution is offering. To become a dietician, you should be ready to study courses such as microbiology, mathematics, biology and nutrition. Take up masters degrees if you want to practice or continue research in the field.

Opportunities are many for a dietician. According to an US estimate, the demand for the profession in that country is likely to increase to 62,000 by 2016.

So train to be a dietician and be a part of the health management industry. Also, become a dietician to help people live healthy, through good nutritional choices.

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How To Become A Dietician