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Do You Want To Become A Professional Taster

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Have you ever met someone who gets paid for eating? Yes! That’s the  job of a professional taster.

The job of a food taster is to eat food before it gets served so as to acknowledge that is cooked well with all suitable ingredients. But do not take it that lightly, there is a lot of competition and it is actually a very high skilled profession. There are many types of tasters; food taster, beer taster, coffee taster, etc.

To become a professional food taster, you should have:

Love for food- Though you may not be a foodie, you must enjoy eating. A taster has to taste different foods in a day. So, you should not be the one who is too fussy about the food.

Have training in culinary schools- To become a food taster, it is important to attend a culinary school so that you are well versed with the names of ingredients. You should know their colors, properties, texture and taste.

Taste recognition - To become a professional taster, one should be able to identify dissimilarities in the sugar, salt, and caffeine levels of certain products. They should be able to identify these tastes well when given a vast variety of foods. A person must very well know how to describe whatever he perceives.

Identify odor- The nose of a professional taster is well equipped to make out the nuances of any food. So, you need to be a good food sniffer to become a professional food taster.

Good communication skills- A professional taster must know the entire vocabulary for sensory description of a product. He should be able to communicate about the food very clearly. When a person becomes a professional taster, through a computer program, he is required to rate the food properties in order to differentiate between various products. He is then also taught the sensory description analysis.

Rate the intensity of food quality- A taster must know how to rate the intensity of a particular ingredient in a food product. For e.g. in a garlic onion sauce, the intensity of garlic is 7.5.

Understand what a consumer likes- A taster has to be sharp so that he understands  why a consumer likes  X brand but not the Y brand. He should be able to make out the difference between two eatables.

Patience- Patience is  needed to become a professional food taster. A taster needs to patiently make out the attributes of any given food product. He should not give up very easily nor should he come up with the results without analyzing.

So, if you think you have it in you, you can become a professional taster with your hard work and sincerity. All the best!


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Do You Want To Become A Professional Taster