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The Best Culinary Schools in America

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If you are reading this blog, chances are you are aspiring (even if secretly) to enroll yourself in one of those best known culinary schools out there. So, if you are game to let your passion explode in the kitchen amongst veggies, fruits, cookware, cutleries, recipes and more, read through this blog to discover what are the best culinary schools in America, which can change your life forever by setting your career on the right track and make your dreams come true.


American Culinary Schools to look up to


Cooking is an art and so, while anyone can cook something into anything, there are only a few who can make all the difference to the dishes which makes them much more than “just edible.” But for that, you need to harness the right set of cooking skills, gain more insight into the culinary world and explore your creative zones in this vast and versatile world of cooking. So, here goes the list of the best of the best culinary schools in America, who are waiting to give wings to your dearest dream…


Le Cordon Bleu Schools North America


The specialty of this culinary school lies in its tailor made, career oriented programs for the students. These courses are seasoned with the most innovative teaching techniques that lead you to the world of culinary arts in an engaging and disciplined manner. You can choose to get trained in baking, culinary arts, patisserie and more. There’s also opportunity for those aspiring to be in restaurant and hospitality management. The winning factor of the school lies in its attempt to merge classic French art of cooking with the latest developments in the field.


Institute of Culinary Education (NYC)


You can directly apply online and also visit the campus located in the New York City to attend a "one-day class" to learn the actual methods and techniques followed by this school in imparting quality education in culinary arts. Management trainings are also offered in this several times award winning school.


Johnson & Wales University


The two programs which are much in demand in this university include the Associate Degree Program for Baking and Pastry Arts and Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, both of which ensure hands-on training in the latest cooking techniques and classic styles. For those interested in nutrition can also take up their Nutritional Analysis program. The university offers its training programs through its four campuses and promises work opportunity through its well known partners in the restaurant and hotel industry.


Culinary Institute of America (CIA)


This institute offers valuable degrees in culinary arts, one of which is the Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts Management while the other is Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. There’s another much recommended program offered by this school, called Associate in Occupational Studies. This training program is meant for those, who see themselves in the hospitality and food service industry. The school boasts of four campuses, with an international campus located in Singapore.


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The Best Culinary Schools In America