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How To Become A Hibachi Chef

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Before you even start thinking of a career as a Hibachi chef, you should have a general idea on how to become a Hibachi chef. This traditional Japanese style of cooking, is not taught in any particular manner in a proper school, and has to be mastered from an experienced Hibachi chef. Also, it will take quite some time to learn the tricks like juggling the ingredients or cooking equipments in front of the customers. Thus, to become a Hibachi chef, you might have to wait several years. If your only ambition is becoming a Hibachi chef, you can try and follow this step-by-step formula to succeed in your goal.


Step 1

To start with, you should have sufficient knowledge on Japanese culinary style. Japanese cuisines is extremely different from the usual style of Continental or American or any other style of cuisine. Japanese foods is unique as well as rich with its authentic taste and flavor. Learning about Japanese foods is important; because that is the only way you can join a Japanese restaurant to learn Hibachi style of cooking. Not all Japanese restaurants offer Hibachi style of cooking. So, before you join any Japanese restaurant, you should first know, whether they have a Hibachi chef or not.


Step 2

When you gain some knowledge in Japanese style of cooking, you will certainly be preffered over other candidates in the interview at the restaurant. So, you can either join as a normal staff or junior chef or assistant, at the restaurant. However, you must clearly mention your actual intention of joining the restaurant, which is, becoming a Hibachi chef. Without the permission of the management, you cannot do anything on your own. So, this part is also essential.


Step 3

Hibachi style of cooking is a unique art. It is more of a performance and less of cooking. A Hibachi chef performs various actions to entertain the customers, while preparing and serving the food. The expert chefs even perform the daring actions with knives or forks or fire to cook in front of the guests. So, you should be very serious about this. It is not something, which you can learn within minutes. Other than learning the tricks, you need to put in many hours of practice to improve your efficiency and to gain confidence. Before that, you have to prove yourself eligible for this difficult work. So, initially it would be better to stick to your responsibility with a cool brain and peaceful attitude. At the same time, you should also try to build up a personal rapport with the management as well as the Hibachi chef. You have to spend some time to create your image and goodwill, so that you can be considered for the training.


Step 4

Once you prove your sincerity towards the organization, you might get the opportunity to learn. Even otherwise, you can give gentle reminder to your seniors from time to time, while continuing your current job with due sincerity and dedication. Becoming a Hibachi chef, will not only require the skill, but also require certain values like sincerity, dedication, concentration, perseverance etc. Being a Hibachi chef, you might have to perform shows from table to table for hours without taking a break. So, you may use this time to gather these behavioral characteristics.


Step 5

When you start to learn the tricks, give your total attention towards the subject. Every day, keep some time free for practicing the skill. The more you practice, the more you advance towards your objective. At home, you can start practicing with stationary items  like a ruler or pencil or stick. While on duty, you can practice in the kitchen with the real items. When you become little bit confident on the skill; you should start assisting your teacher in front of the customers, by taking prior permission from the authority.


Step 6

Even after learning the skill, you need to gain expertise in performing. There will be different types of customers; some of them might even be quite rough and rude with you. But, you should be cool and patient, while dealing with them. This experience will also pay off for your career growth.


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How To Become A Hibachi Chef