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Want to be in the Kitchen?

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Want to be in the Kitchen?

Some of our favourite spots to eat are those with a food wine bar overlooking the open kitchen.  Left Bank is somewhat that way near us, and so are several other spots. 

 One about an hour away has a fabulous expirence in the kitchen!  Thanks to the likes of chef superstars Emeril, Rachel, and Gordon, some top restaurants are opening their kitchen doors to foodies eager for a front-row seat.

Foodies jump at the chance to eat at a table in the kitchen for a chance to see the process up close and personal. For instance, the hottest reservation in Half Moon Bay is a seat at the 30-foot long chef's table in the kitchen of Rogue Chefs, the small California coastal town's esteemed eatery. Executive Chef Kevin Koebler actively participates in the table talk of his captive audience.

Other spots for the voyeuristic diner include

Park 75 at the Four Season's in Atlanta.

Executive Chef Robert Gerstenecker, known for his flair in creating contemporary dishes, maintains a precise touch, using the finest seasonal ingredients available from Atlanta and around the globe. Tasting menus are favourites at dinner, and classic meets contemporary with artistic desserts. The strong, concise wine list is primarily American, with a focus on red varieties and many boutique labels.

Up to 10 guests may be accommodated in the heart of the kitchen for Executive Chef Gerstenecker’s spectacular food and wine pairings for the “Chef’s Table,” a “must do, must see” dining event.

 Black Eyed Susan's

Nantucket's chic eateries -- but as the invariable lines attest, it is. The luncheonette setup is offset by improbably fancy glass chandeliers, and foodies lay claim to the stools to observe chef Jeff Worster's often pyromaniacal "open kitchen."

Another option are cooking classes given by many top chefs.  Local wineries often feature a cooking class with the winery or guest chef.

 Chef Karim's cooking classes are such fun at Roblar Winery

Roblar Winery is located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley


Hands on Classes are such fun!

This type of dining is gaining popularity all over the US.  It is one of the things that draw us to street food in Thailand, India, etc. watching these cooks prepare our good eats!

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Want To Be In The Kitchen?