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Tomato Sausage

Tomato Sausage is a tomato flavored sausage that is used in the preparation of various dishes. This sausage is prepared with pork and veal meat. Bread crumbs or cracker meal is used as fillers in these sausages. These sausages can be stir-fried with vegetables, used as toppings on pizzas, used in rice dishes, etc.


This sausage is prepared with pork, pork fat, veal, canned tomatoes, ginger, nutmeg, sugar, cracker meal, salt and pepper.

Method of Preparation

Tomato Sausage is prepared by grinding both the meats (pork and veal) along with pork fat and mixed with all the spices and a cup of ice cold water. This mixture is refrigerated and ground again finer and stuffed into casings. These sausages need to be refrigerated till they are cooked.

Note: Even rusk can be used instead of bread crumbs and veal can be replaced with beef.

Popular Tomato & Sausage Recipes

Tomato Sausage dishes are quite popular in the Italian cuisine; however, tomato and sausage are used as two separate ingredients. Detailed here are a couple of delicious preparations with these two ingredients –

Penne with Tomato Sausage Sauce –

Penne is cooked in salted water till al dente and drained off excess water. A little penne water is kept aside. Meanwhile, onions are sautéed and sausages are browned and crumbled in the process. Rosemary, red pepper and bay leaves are added. Sausages are cooked and excess fat is drained. Diced tomatoes are added and cooked. Cream is added after turning off the stove and stirred in well. Salt and pepper are added to taste. Penne is tossed in this sauce along with the reserved penne water and topped with parmesan cheese.

Sausage Cacciatore –

Onion, green pepper and garlic are sautéed, till tender. Sausage is crumbled and added to the vegetables. It is browned till done and drained off excess oil. Tomatoes and basil are added to the sausage mixture and simmered till done. Halved olives and mushrooms are then added and the contents are allowed to cook till they thicken. This dish is served hot.

Tomato Sausage also refers to preparations that use sausage and tomatoes as two separate ingredients. Though the sausages in this case are not flavored with tomatoes, they are combined with the vegetable to make some delicious dishes that include pastas, pizza toppings, etc.