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Pumpkin Sausage

Pumpkin Sausage is an ingredient combination of pumpkin and sausage (of choice) which is used in the preparation of casseroles, rice dishes, pastas, soups. This unique combination of ingredients adds a lot of flavor to the dishes in which they are used. Both these ingredients are a rich source of nutrients, such as, anti-oxidants and vitamins in pumpkin and a high content of protein in sausage. Dishes made with pumpkin and sausage as the key ingredients can be served as appetizers, side dishes or main course dishes at various meals, including breakfast.

Popular Pumpkin Sausage Recipes

Pumpkin Sausage dishes include a wide range and detailed here are a few –

Pumpkin, Sausage & Spinach Lasagna –

Pasta is cooked al dente in salted water and drain off the excess water. Italian sausage is browned and set aside after draining excess fat. Onions and garlic are sautéed, to which pumpkin, milk, pepper, sage, oregano and nutmeg are added. The contents of the sauce are stirred well and salt is added, to taste. Meanwhile, spinach, ricotta and egg are blended in a processor. The bottom of a baking dish is layered with sauce and topped with noodles, followed by ricotta/spinach mixture and finally with parmesan and mozzarella cheese. This layering is repeated twice and the Pumpkin Sausage dish is baked and served hot.

Pasta with Pumpkin & Sausage –

Sausage is browned and drained off excess fat. Onions and garlic are sautéed, till the onions turn tender. Bay leaf and wine are added to the pan and simmered till the wine reduces to half the amount. Chicken stock and pumpkin are added and stirred in. The sauce is cooked for some time and the browned sausage is added to the sauce, along with cream. The contents are stirred well and seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon, salt and pepper. The thickened sauce is ready to be poured over the pasta (after removing bay leaves) and tossed well. This Pumpkin Sausage is served garnished with sage leaves and shaved cheese. Pumpernickel and /or whole grain bread along with Spinach Salad with Apple & Red Onion are ideal accompaniments of this dish.

Sausage, Pumpkin & Sage Casserole –

This dish is ideal for a winter night.

Sausages are browned in a little butter and set aside. Chopped onions and shallots are sautéed in butter, till they soften. Garlic and sage are added and stirred in well and pumpkin is added and cooked on high heat, after adding white wine vinegar. The contents are cooked till the vinegar evaporates and the remaining ingredients i.e., tomatoes, cannellini beans, chicken stock, sugar, salt and pepper are added along with browned sausages and the contents are cooked further. This Pumpkin Sausage dish is served hot garnished with flat leaf parsley.