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Potato Sausage

Potato Sausage, also known as Potatis Korv, is a Swedish dish that is prepared by blending ground meat, potatoes and seasonings. It is a popular dish from the Swedish cuisine, and is especially made during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This traditional sausage dish is usually accompanied by Lefsa, boiled potatoes with brown gravy and boiled vegetables of choice. It is highly nutritious and delicious and generally does not require to be made into any kind of a dish; however, the most common way of eating this either browned, sautéed with onions or stir fried.


Potato Sausage is believed to have originated around 50 years ago in Sweden. As per records, Helen Johnson took the recipe of this sausage from two ladies (Mrs. Sydney Salmonson and Florence Hedberg) at the Odebolt Locker store and asked her partner, Leo Cooper to make and sell them in the store. Soon, this recipe became so popular that every year there were many buyers for the sausage at the store. Till date, this sausage is believed to taste the same as the first time and is quite popular with the locals.


The key ingredients of Potato Sausage are pork (regular parts of the animal & offal), beef (regular parts of the animal & offal), potatoes, onion, pepper and salt.

Method of Preparation

Potato Sausage is prepared by adding medium sized chunks of pork and beef to whole potatoes in a pan. Seasonings and onions are added and mixed. After a while, the contents are ground together and stuffed into casings. They can also be made into patties or made as meat loafs. These sausages are frozen immediately and used when required.

Popular Potato Sausage Recipe Variation

Potato Sausage is traditionally from Sweden; however, it has a few variations across Europe. Listed here is a popular variation –

Slovak Bobrovecke Droby – This is a Slovakian variation of the Potato Sausage that is usually made with pork and bacon along with other regular ingredients, which are then stuffed into a larger sausage (preferably beef or hog casings).

Ingredients: Pork shoulder (pork butt), diced bacon which is not maple cured, grated onions, quartered Idaho potatoes, marjoram, crushed peppermint leaves and salt. Beef or hog casings are required for the stuffing.

Preparation: Onions are sautéed along with bacon. Meanwhile pork shoulder is cooked and cut into big pieces. The water is set aside and cooked pork is ground along with potatoes. Sautéed bacon, onions, marjoram, peppermint leaves, salt and pepper are mixed well in the water in which pork was cooked and this mixture is added to the ground meat and potatoes. All contents are blended well and stuffed into the casing, after checking that the seasonings are right. These stuffed sausages are ideally refrigerated for two days before using. They need to be boiled and browned before they can be consumed.


  • The best time to prepare this sausage is between October and March, before the potatoes ferment. As these sausages are cooked at high temperature, new potatoes are not suitable.
  • Potato Sausage should not be overcooked; else it becomes tough and chewy.