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Maple Sausage

Maple Sausage is a simple maple flavored sausage dish that is popular in America. It is generally served at breakfast along with other breakfast dishes such as waffles and pancakes. A differently flavored sausage, this is used in the preparation of a variety of breakfast dishes, including casseroles. This sausage is made with pork as the main ingredient; however, it is also made with other meats, such as turkey and chicken. Though, ideally this sausage is cooked by browning, it is also smoked for a nice smoky flavor.


Maple Sausage is made with ground meat (pork, turkey or chicken) as the key ingredient. Other ingredients include maple syrup, ground sage and ground cloves, mustard powder, cinnamon, ground all spice, ground mace, black pepper and salt.

Method of Preparation

Ground meat, maple syrup, sage and the seasonings are mixed well and refrigerated overnight. When it is ready to be cooked, the meat is shaped into patties and browned on both sides till they cook. The patties are now ready to be consumed as is and also combined with other ingredients to make some delicious maple sausage dishes.

Popular Maple Sausage Recipes

This Sausage is generally eaten at breakfast accompanied by other breakfast dishes. Detailed here are a couple of recipes of this sausage –

Maple Sausage & Waffle Breakfast Casserole –

Waffles are toasted on both sides and sausages are browned. They are drained off excess fat (on paper towels). Waffles are lined in a greased baking dish are topped with a layer of sausages and cheese. Eggs are whisked with milk and other ingredients such as maple syrup, salt and pepper. This egg mixture is poured over the waffles. This dish is covered and refrigerated for a few hours. It is then baked and served hot.

Smokey Maple Sausage –

This is a vegetarian Maple Sausage.

Pinto beans are mashed and mixed with all the ingredients thoroughly and divided into equal portions. These portions of dough are placed on tin foils and molded into logs of about 5 inches each. The dough is rolled in the foil like tootsie roll. These rolls are steamed and when done, they are ready to be eaten. However, they taste even better when grilled or sautéed. This vegetarian Maple Sausage can be refrigerated as well for later use.

Browned maple sausage can also be served with pancake as a side dish on as a topping.