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Chistorra made of minced pork or combination of minced pork and beef is a kind of fast cured sausage which is bright red in color having been flavored with garlic, salt, and paprika. Being prepared by the technique of mincing where all the food ingredients are accurately divided, this sausage compared to the traditional chorizo or other sausages, is thinner having a diameter of approximately 25 mm and average 40 cm in length which goes up to 1 meter in exceptional cases.

Origin of Chistorra Recipe
It has come from Basque country and Navarre, Spain. Having a fat content of between 70 and 80%, this sausage is also known as “birika” in Basque language meaning lungs; more precisely “pig lungs” in the ancestral language of the Basque people. In the province of León, the local variety of this dish is called Chistorra de León and is made with beef in large percentage.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Chistorra
The basic ingredients suggested in the chistorra recipe are either pork or beef. It is normally baked, fried or grilled accompanied by other dishes which are usually served as a part of tapas. It is essentially a dish of small meat pieces seasoned with salt, garlic and paprika.

Variations in Chistorra Recipe
One of the most popular dishes prepared by using Chistorra sausage is “huevos rotos con chistorra y patatas” which consists of fried eggs and fried potatoes. Another well known chistorra recipe is croissant preñado which is prepared with a croissant. Yet another version is “tortilla con chistorra” which again is prepared with potato and egg omelet.

Serving Chistorra
Traditionally it was served on 21st December, the feast day of Thomas the Apostle who was known for disbelieving Jesus' resurrection and was served in San Sebastián, the capital city of the Gipuzkoa province, Spain. Thereafter, it has been served during the festivities along with talo, a typical Basque food and cider. This delicacy from the Spanish cuisine is encased in either lamb tripe or plastic while being served as an appetizer or a snack with beer or wine or with the Txakoli variety, the slightly sparkling white dry wine with low alcohol content.

Some Health Facts Related to Chistorra Recipe
It has a very high fat content which is unhealthy for people with heart problems and obesity. It is also not very advisable for diabetics, dieters and calorie conscious people. However it has a high content of proteins.