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Cabbage Sausage

Cabbage Sausage refers to dishes that have cabbage and sausage as two separate ingredients. These dishes are quite popular in European cuisines (such as Polish cuisine), Chinese cuisine and also in the American cuisine. There are many variations of this dish depending on the way it is prepared and the combination of ingredients used. An array of dishes such as stir fried dishes, bakes, gravy dishes, etc., are made with the combination of red cabbage and sausage (of choice), which are served as either side dishes or as main course dishes. Potatoes and apples are a common inclusion in most of these dishes.

Popular Cabbage & Sausage Recipes

Cabbage Sausage is a scrumptious dish that is prepared by combining cabbage and sausage. There are many preparations that use these two separate ingredients to result in some delicious dishes. Listed here are a couple of recipes –

Red Cabbage & Sausage with Boiled Potatoes – This is a highly nutritious winter dish that is also consumed at other times of the year.

Peeled and cored apples are chopped and sautéed in butter and set aside. Chopped cabbage is simmered and when almost done, it is drained off the excess water and the sautéed apple pieces are added and stirred in well. Meanwhile, peeled and quartered potatoes are boiled in salted water till done and drained off excess water. Sausages are browned in butter. Boiled potatoes, browned sausages and simmered cabbage/apple mixture are served together, with the juice from the browned sausages poured over the cabbage and potatoes.

Cabbage with Chinese Sausage – This Cabbage Sausage preparation is a delicious side dish of the Chinese cuisine.

The Cabbage (core removed) and sausage are sliced cross-wise and onions are chopped into big pieces. Meanwhile, hot bean sauce, chicken broth and sugar are mixed in a bowl and kept aside. Cornstarch and water are mixed in a separate bowl. Garlic (with a little salt) is sautéed in oil and onion bottoms along with sausage slices are stir fried. The sautéed sausages are moved to a side in the pan and cabbage slices are sautéed with sherry sprinkled on them. The sauce (hot bean sauce mixture) is poured over and stirred in well. Green onion pieces, soy sauce, salt and pepper are added to taste and mixed well. Cornstarch mixed is stirred and poured onto the cabbage mixture and the sautéed sausages are stirred in well. It is best served hot.

Cabbage & Smoked Sausage cooked in Wine, Sausage Cabbage Skillet and Kielbasa with Red Cabbage are other popular recipes of Cabbage Sausage.