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Apple Sausage

Apple Sausage is a delicious dish that is generally made with apples stuffed in chicken sausages. Chicken can also be substituted with turkey. These sausages can be consumed as is, after browning them or in combination with other ingredients in the preparation of various dishes, such as stir fries, bakes, pies, etc. It is considered quite nutritious and used to a great extent in American cuisine. There are many recipes that use apple and sausage as separate ingredients in their preparations.


Apple Sausage is made with ground chicken, sweet apples (such as Honey crisp or Gala), diced onion, fresh sage, light brown sugar, fennel seed, canola oil, ground pepper and salt.

Method of Preparation

Apple Sausage is prepared by first cooking peeled and cored apples along with sautéed onions. Once done, they are cooled in a bowl. The ground chicken, sugar, fennel, sage, salt and pepper are added to the cooled apples and mixed well to combine all the ingredients. This mixture is pressed into patties and browned till done. The sausages are now ready to be consumed. They can further be stir fried with other ingredients of choice. They can ideally be stored frozen till about 3 months.

Popular Variations of Apple Sausage Recipe

Apple Sausage recipe has many variations and it can also be used as one of the ingredients in baked dishes. Listed here are a few such recipes -

Chicken & Apple Sausage –


For Farce - Ground chicken breast, ground white pepper, lemon juice, salt and crushed ice

For Garnish - Granny Smith apples, onion, leeks, parsley leaves, canola oil

For Assemble – Chicken leg meat, lemon, pastry bag, pre-soaked sausage casings, prepared mustard, sour cream and lingonberry preserve

Preparation: Garnish is prepared by sautéing peeled and cored apples along with onions, parsley and blanched leeks that are chopped, till golden brown and cooled. Meanwhile, the farce is prepared by processing ground chicken along with salt, white pepper and crushed ice (this can be used as a substitute for fat and the ice lightens the sausage texture). This mixture is refrigerated to chill. The sausage is assembled by combining the chilled farce, chilled garnish, lemon zest and cubes of chicken leg. This mixture is stuffed into the pre-soaked casings and tied at regular intervals. These sausages are poached and then browned in the oven. They can be served garnished with lingonberry preserves and accompanied by mustard flavored sour cream.

Chicken Apple Sausage Strata

Ingredients: Apple Chicken sausage, mushroom slices, cubed wheat brad, sharp cheddar cheese, chopped green onions, eggs, ground dry mustard, egg substitute, fat free half-and-half, canola oil, ground black pepper and salt.

Preparation: Sausages and mushrooms are browned and set aside. Half the cheese and bread cubes are added to the sausage mushroom mixture and tossed well. This mixture is transferred to a baking dish and topped with the remaining cheese. Meanwhile, eggs are beaten smooth along with dry mustard, egg substitute, half-and-half, salt and pepper. This mixture is poured on to the contents in the baking dish and refrigerated overnight. Once it has chilled enough, the dish is baked and served hot.

Nutritive Value

Apple Sausage is low on fiber, but high in protein (about 10g per serving) and potassium (332mg). But it is high in calories (about 112), cholesterol (about 49mg) and sodium (about 253mg); hence, the consumption should be limited.