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Rib Sauce

Rib sauce is a kind of barbecue sauce that is served with grilled pieces of meat. Rib sauce recipes can be made in various different ways depending on the kind of meat dish is being prepared. Either using a vinegar-based sauce or even a tomato-based sauce can prepare an excellent rib sauce recipe. Irrespective of which sauce base may be used, a number of local ingredients and spices can be added to it to add more flavor to the rib sauce. Usually, beef, pork, poultry, lamb, fish and seafood are ingredients that are used for barbeque. Rib sauce can be used not only as a serving over the grilled meat, but it can also be used to baste the meat with before or during cooking to add more flavor to the meat. Barbecued beef, lamb or pork dish is one of the most preferred dishes all over the U.S. and even Europe and most restaurants feature it as a main entree. Therefore, this makes rib sauce an integral part of any grilled dish as it enhances the flavor and adds a zesty taste.