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Pumpkin Sauce

Pumpkin sauce is a popular sauce prepared using pumpkin as a base ingredient. Various types of sauces are prepared using pumpkin pulp, seeds and sometimes its skin. Fresh, canned or pureed pumpkins are used in the preparation of sauce. This sauce is an integral feature of Italian cuisine where it is teamed with pasta based dishes. Pipian sauce is a traditional Mexican sauce which is usually teamed with enchiladas or roasted chicken. Roasted pumpkin seed is the key ingredient used in the preparation of sauce.

Pumpkin Sauce Recipes

  • Creamy Pumpkin Sauce - This sauce is prepared using canned pumpkins and it is best served with dinner dishes. Pasta or ravioli is tossed with this sauce before serving. Sometimes the sauce is also teamed with steamed broccolis and other grilled vegetables.

    Shallots, garlic cloves, sage leaves ,olive oil, unsweetened pumpkin puree, low –sodium chicken broth, low-fat milk, Kosher salt, freshly grounded black pepper, and grated Parmesan cheese are used in the preparation of sauce.

    Sauce preparation begins by sautéing garlic and shallots in the traditional skillet. Milk, pumpkin puree, chicken broth and half portion of sage is added to the garlic mixture and cooked until the sauce gets thickened. The sauce is seasoned with salt and pepper or lemon juice.

    This recipe was published in “The Ski House Cookbook” by Tina Anderson and Sarah Pinneo ( Clarkson Potter, 2007).

  • Pipian Sauce – This sauce belongs to the family of mole sauces and it is generally used for rubbing the meats before cooking or it is served with cooked meats and enchiladas.

    Charred, seeded, peeled and chopped Poblano chile, lightly roasted pumpkin seeds, low-salt chicken broth, fresh cilantro, and hierba santa leaves are used in the preparation of this sauce.

    The sauce is prepared by blending poblano chile, low –salt chicken broth, lightly roasted pumpkin seeds, hierba santa leaves and fresh cilantro in electric blender.

  • Indian Pumpkin Sauce – This sauce is served with grilled chicken dishes. The flavor of the sauce is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the levels of salt and sugar.

    Orange pumpkin, sugar, salt, garlic bulb, garam masala (a typical Indian mix of spices), red chili powder, white vinegar, red coloring and oil.

    Pumpkins are cleaned and finely chopped. Garlic is grinded to a fine paste and sautéed in ground nut or other vegetable oil and garam masala and chilies are added gradually and cooked with pumpkin slices until they become soft. The sugar is added towards the end of cooking time. Vinegar is also added to the sauce and cooked well. Pinch of food coloring is added to the sauce for getting desired color. The food color is sometimes omitted. Pumpkin puree is also used for an added flavor.

    This sauce is best served during the traditional festival of Navratri, when Hindus eat lots of vegetable dishes prepared with pumpkins, potatoes and other vegeta