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Nutmeg Sauce

Nutmeg sauce, as the name suggests is a spicy sauce prepared using nutmeg as one of the main ingredients. This sauce is either prepared as a dessert sauce or a savory sauce depending on the requirements. Water, lemon juice, sugar, butter, salt, nutmeg, and cornstarch are some of the ingredients regularly used in the preparation of this sauce. This low calorie and low protein sauce is best served over spice cake.

In Southern Part of United States this sauce is served as a staple with bread pudding and it is prepared using ingredients like cornstarch, sugar, nutmeg and water. The texture of sauce is enriched by the addition of roux.

Culinary Usage
In many US homes this spicy sauce is served as a comfort food with ginger bread and is also teamed with morning breakfast like peach cobbler. The nutmeg sauce can be teamed with wide array of cakes, pies and puddings. In Italy, this sauce is used to toss different variants of pasta. Nutmeg vanilla sauce is the popular variation of this sauce which is served cold over hot fruit pie, chocolate cake and berries. This sauce is generally known as “anglaise”. It is believed that nutmeg vanilla sauce was a regular fixture on British breakfast and dinner tables before other commercially produced sauces became popular.

Preparation Analysis

  • Nutmeg Vanilla Sauce – This dessert sauce is prepared by combining the nutmeg with ingredients like milk, vanilla bean, sugar, and egg yolks. It is served chilled with the desserts like hot fruit pie, or berries.
  • Nutmeg Apple Sauce – In this dessert sauce, the ground nutmeg is combined with apples, white sugar, lemon juice and vanilla extract. This sauce can be preserved for long time when stored under refrigeration. It can be easily prepared by infusing nutmeg in apple sauce. Sometimes hot pepper and nutmeg are added in large quantities to enhance the flavors of the sauce which is served with the roasted pork.