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Mint Sauce

Mint Sauce is a condiment prepared with fresh mint leaves, sugar and vinegar and it is often served along with snacks, such as sandwiches and fries. At times, even lime juice is added to the sauce to give it a unique flavor and aroma. The sauce prepared from mint is consumed all across the world, especially in European and South Asian countries.

Variations of this sauce are created by adding fruits and nuts to the sauce. Cranberry, apples, ginger and nuts are some of the ingredients which are usually added to the sauce. The Greek variants of the sauce are distinguished by the presence of yogurt. Parmesan cheese, garlic, pepper and salt are added to improve the flavors of mint sauce.

Features, Culinary Usage and History
Culinary experts confirm that the best mint sauce is always the one which has consistency of double cream. Irish and Britons pair this sauce with their lamb roasts or with peas. Sometimes, the sauce made from mint is used in the preparation of some dishes in place fresh mint. The sauce is also served as a dipping sauce for breads and toasts. Indians add the mint sauce to yogurt for making a popular dish known as mint raita. Historical references indicate that this sauce was popular in Medieval Europe. Italians and French were the more prominent users of the sauce than the British. Along with time its usage waned and today it is not that commonly used as in medieval times.

Mint Sauce Recipe
The recipes of sauce prepared using mint vary from region to region depending on the individual taste preferences and location. Most of the recipes are very simple and can be easily followed with few ingredients.

A standard mint sauce recipe may include the following:

  • Ingredients – Mint, salt, boiling water, white wine vinegar, and castor sugar. The quantities of these ingredients can be altered to suit the taste preferences of individuals.
  • Method of Preparation – The sauce preparation begins by chopping the cleaned mint leaves. Salt is rubbed over the chopped leaves. The leaves are added to a bowl containing the other ingredients and blended with them in a gradual manner. The seasoning is adjusted as per the taste. In some recipes the leaves are pureed for a smoother consistency.
  • Serving – This green sauce can be served with almost any food. It can go well with all types of breads, and main dishes like rice and noodles or it can be used as a condiment for marinating meats.

Health Benefits of Mint Sauce
A preparation of mint is revered for its refreshing taste and the health benefits it offers. Mint is enriched with different kinds of prominent minerals and vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin A. It is considered the best source of vitamin C due to which it also becomes one of the powerful antioxidant herbs. Traces of minerals like potassium, copper and iron are also found in mint.

Tofu sauce is a condiment prepared using tofu as a base ingredient. This sauce is popular in South Asian countries where it is paired with various kinds of noodle, meat and vegetable preparations. Some of the popular sauce variations are created by cooking tofu with vegetables in peanut sauce.