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Cream Sauce

Cream sauce is a white sauce that is widely used as a base for many dishes. Cream sauce recipe is quite easy with very few ingredients. Meat, pasta and cream soup are the few dishes that are fondly prepared by using this white sauce.

The texture this sauce is quite thick that can be adjusted according to the requirement. White color of the dish is evident from the name and this sauce is usually rich and smooth due to the presence of heavy cream and butter.

There are different varieties of white sauce that are popular in cooking. Béchamel sauce, mayonnaise and espagnol sauce are some of the examples of white sauce.

Cream sauce is not a dish on its own but it acts as a base for other dishes. Cream chicken, cream of mushroom and cheese macaroni are the main dishes that falls under the category of cream sauce recipes.

History and Origin of Cream Sauce Recipe

French cuisine is believed to be the origin of almost all kind of sauces and hence cream sauce is also believed to be originated in France. Béchamel and mayonnaise are the two basic white sauces that have a history that is hundred years old. In 17th century, the housewives use to include milk in their sauces that gave birth to the white sauce. There are many claims regarding the origin of this famous sauce called ‘Béchamel’. Italian cuisine is also believed to be the origin of Béchamel sauce. Though the origin of this sauce recipe is unclear, but its popularity of is highest among all sauces.

Ingredients Prescribed by Cream Sauce Recipe

Cream is indeed a vital component of cream sauce. Other ingredients include butter, all purpose flour, milk, salt and white pepper. For extra flavor, dry white wine, fresh herbs, cheese and nutmeg powder is included. Oregano, thyme and parsley may be the herbs that can be integrated to give a flavorful aroma to the sauce. Among the cheese, parmesan is the preferred variety to be used in the recipe of this creamy sauce.

The above mentioned ingredients are used to make the basic white sauce, but additional ingredients depend upon the specific recipe. For example mayonnaise includes egg yolk, oil and lemon juice. Mustard powder and herbs may be used for extra embellishment.

Béchamel sauce that is known as the mother of all sauces typically contains ‘roux’ (a combination of butter and flour). Roux is used as a thickener in all type of sauces. Milk is added to adjust the thickness of the sauce.

Mornay sauce is a variation of Béchamel sauce. It usually contains a variety of cheese ranging from gruyere to parmesan. The cheese is added to give an extra punch and richness to the sauce.

Methods of Preparation of Cream sauce Recipe

The basic cream sauce is prepared with boiling method. All the ingredients are combined in a pan and boiled until cooked and reached to a desired level of thickness. Stirring and simmering are the main process that should be done in order to get a perfect cream sauce recipe.

White sauce requires boiling whereas mayonnaise is prepared either with hand or with electric blender. Whisking is the main process of making this variation of sauce recipe. Egg yolk acts an emulsifier and helps in the thickening of the sauce. While whisking it becomes white in color and thick in consistency.

Béchamel sauce is typically prepared similarly like the basic cream sauce. Other variations also call for the same methods.

Serving and Eating of Cream Sauce

Cream sauce is used as a base for making various dishes such as meat, chicken, seafood, pasta and salad dishes. Certain types of cream sauce are used as a dip for snacks and appetizers. Mayonnaise is used inside the sandwiches and burgers.

Other type of sauces such as béchamel and Mornay are typically served as side dishes along with cod fish, fried fish and other meat dishes. Chips and other vegetable snacks are also fondly served with cream sauce. Lasagna and pasta dishes mainly include béchamel sauce as the topping.

Various soup dishes also include cream sauce as a thickener or as a topping.

Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Cream Sauce Recipe

Cream sauce is indeed one of the most popular of all sauces, but the calories involved in it cannot be ignored. It is well-known that heavy cream and butter are always regarded fattening and full of calories. Hence, it is not good for obese people. This sauce also contain glutinous all purpose flour that not suitable for people having digestion problems.

Even the dishes containing such a heavy sauce are considered unhealthy if consumed in excess. However, low-fat and skimmed milk products can be used to make low-calorie cream sauce recipe.