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Corn Sauce

Corn sauce is a condiment or meal enhancer prepared with corn as one of the main ingredients. The sauce is prepared by boiling corn with cream, dry white wine, salt etc. This sauce is a specialty of American cuisine and is usually served with seafood cakes.

Popular Corn sauce Recipes

Corn Relish – This is a corn –based sauce of American origin, and is usually served as a condiment. This sauce is also popularly served with many foods in South Western Cuisine (cuisine prevalent in South Western areas of United States) and Tex – Mex cuisine ( a cusp of Texan and Mexican cuisines).

Ingredients – Corn ears, sweet onion, flat – leaf parsley, lime juice, extra –virgin olive oil, and salt are required to make this sauce.

Method of Preparation – The corn is microwaved and softened and later boiled in water. The corn kernels are combined with other ingredients and served at room temperature.

Serving – The corn relish is served with grilled steak, chicken and fish.

Creamed Corn Sauce – This sauce is served as a side dish for many dishes served in Midwest America. Creamed corn sauce is prepared from fresh corn kernels and milk.

Ingredients – Cream, corn, butter, salt, and pepper are required to make this sauce.

Method of Preparation – The sauce preparation begins with preparation of white sauce, which is prepared by cooking flour in butter. Milk or heavy cream is added to the flour along with corn kernels. When corn turns soft, the seasoning is done with salt and pepper. Sometimes herbs like basil are also added to the sauce to enhance its flavors. The sauce tastes good when served immediately after cooking.

Tip – The canned version of creamed corn is used as a base for the preparation of corn chowder or seafood sauces. If served as a seafood sauce then it is thickened by the addition of sautéed mushrooms, onions and garlic. Sometimes bacon and potatoes are also added to the sauce to thicken it or enrich its nutrient values.

Sweet Corn Sauce – This sauce is usually served with trout fish. The sauce preparation involves two steps: cooking corn in a creamy sauce and sautéing it with tarragon.

Ingredients – Fresh corn kernels, butter, reduced –sodium chicken broth, whipping cream, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, olive oil and tarragon are the ingredients required for making this sauce.

Method of Preparation – The sauce preparation begins by browning corn in butter. About 2/3 quantity of browned corns is set aside and broth is added to the saucepan and cooked until the remaining corn turns tender. The mixture is pureed and strained before mixing with cream. The puree is seasoned with salt and pepper. The earlier saved corn is again warmed in the microwave with tarragon.

Serving – The sauce is spooned on to the plate and topped with trout fish and sautéed corn kernels before heaping with fish.

Trivia – This sauce was devised by Jamie Lauren, and was published in the June 2009 issue of Sunset.

Green Corn Sauce – This is a creamy sauce which derives its color and flavor from poblano chiles and roasted Anaheim and texture is attributed to fresh and sweet corn kernels.

Ingredients – Slim Jim Chiles or Anaheim, poblano chile, olive oil, thawed frozen corn kernels, onion, chicken stock, minced fresh cilantro, freshly grounded pepper, and cold unsalted butter are required to make this dish.

Method of Preparation – The sauce preparation begins by roasting Anaheim and poblano chiles over broiler, until they are charred. The charred chile is then steamed after wrapping in a foil. The juices of the chile are saved and the chile is coarsely chopped. Half of the corn kernels are cooked in a pan with olive oil, chicken stock, chiles, and onion. The seasoning is done with salt –pepper. The sauce is then pureed in a blender and again cooked in pan with remaining kernels. The sauce is seasoned with salt and pepper before serving.

Serving – The sauce is best to be served with pork, chicken, lamb, lobster tails, and salmon.