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Champagne Sauce

Champagne sauce is a kind of sauce which goes very well along with meat dishes like turkey and chicken and is prepared with the help of bright wine, mushrooms (dried), and various other ingredients. Sparkling and bright cider vinegar can also be used for preparing this sauce; if someone does not like the option of using champagne. However, the taste would be a little sweet in this case.

Champagne Sauce Recipe – Ingredients and Preparation Overview

The ingredients required for preparing Champaign sauce include dried mushroom, champagne, minced shallots, flour, salt, unsalted butter, vegetable or chicken stock.

Preparing champagne sauce is very easy. Dried mushrooms and stock are placed in a pot and brought to boil; shallots and champagne are added in another pot and boiled until the solution gets reduced to half, and butter is added slowly and slowly to this mix and stirred well. In another pot, butter is heated, flour is added and the mix is cooked until brown. Hot mushroom stock is added to the mix of flour and butter, followed by champagne and shallot mix, making sure to stir the mixture well as the ingredients are added. The mixture is then strained to get rid of shallots and mushroom. Salt is added as per the taste and the sauce is ready to be eaten along with some meat dish.

Champagne Sauce Recipe – Variations

Champagne sauce can be made in various ways. A few variations are listed hereunder:

Chicken Breasts in Champagne Sauce Recipe

Chicken breasts, ground pepper, butter, celery, mushrooms, chicken broth and white portion of leeks are used to prepare this kind of champagne sauce.

Salmon in Champagne Sauce Recipe

In this recipe, salmon is cooked with mushrooms and shallots and served along with champagne sauce, where the sauce is poured over the prepared salmon dish, and garnished with mushroom caps and fresh herbs before serving.

Shrimp in Champagne Sauce with Pasta

Here, pasta is placed in a plate in two halves, shrimp is placed in the plate, sauce is poured over the pasta and shrimp, and the dish is garnished with parmesan before serving.