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Butter Sauce

Butter sauce is a butter based sauce used for enriching the flavor of meat dishes or vegetarian dishes. This sauce is believed to have originated in Europe and it tastes good with seafood dishes and fish preparations. Butter, flour, lemon juice, paprika and water are the main ingredients used in the preparation of this sauce. The spiciness of the sauce is enhanced by the addition of crushed black pepper. It is one of the common sauces of most American and European households because it can be used as a dip and also as a base for many Italian and south Asian dishes. Butter sauce is high on fats and is not suggested to people on a diet or people with cholesterol or blood pressure problems. Lobster in butter sauce is one of the many recipes where this sauce is used as a base.

Butter Sauce Recipe Variations

  • Hollandaise Sauce – This French sauce is one of the five sauces included in the mother sauce repertoire. It is very difficult to prepare because egg yolks scramble when it is cooked. Hollandaise sauce is best defined as an emulsion of butter and egg yolk , which is seasoned using lemon sauce. This sauce is distinguished by its opacity, creaminess, yellow color and smooth texture. The sauce is best served fresh.

  • Béarnaise Sauce – This is a buttery, and flavorsome sauce flavored with crushed black pepper, shallots, and tarragon. This sauce is usually served with grilled steak. It is prepared using clarified butter, egg yolks, white wine vinegar, crushed black peppercorns, shallots, tarragon, parsley, kosher salt, Cayenne pepper and lemon juice. The sauce tastes good if served warm.

  • Beurre Blanc Sauce – This is an emulsified sauce which goes well with seafood or fish preparation. This sauce is prepared using dry white wine, white wine vinegar, shallot, unsalted butter and kosher salt. The Beurre Rouge or red butter sauce is another variant of this sauce which is prepared with red wine, instead of white wine.

  • Shrimp Butter – This sauce belongs to the league of compound butter sauces where some type of seasoning or flavoring ingredient is added to the butter. This butter sauce variant can be chilled, frozen, or rolled into cylinders. Unsalted butter and pureed, minced shrimp is added to the butter. Sometimes garlic cloves, lemon juice and parsley are added to the sauce.

  • Almond Butter Sauce – This sauce is best served with fresh vegetables like asparagus. This sauce is prepared using butter, lemon juice, and slivered almonds.

  • Shallot Butter Sauce – This is one of the various Maitre’d Hotel butter recipes (butter infused with various flavoring agents) and is usually teamed with steaks, vegetables and fishes. It is prepared using shallots and unsalted butter. The butter is creamed and combined with shallots and warmed. The sauce is freezed or chilled and sometimes rolled into rope before serving.

  • Tomato Butter Sauce – This sauce is usually served with wilted lettuce and is prepared by cooking vine –ripened cherry tomatoes with sherry vinegar, sugar, chopped basil, hot smoked paprika, double cream, and unsalted butter.

  • Butter –Browned Sauce – This sauce recipe featured on Rachel Ray’s website in October 2009 and it is suggested that sauce should be served after tossing with pasta. This brown sauce is prepared using butter, salt, fresh sage, heavy cream, and grated Parmigiano – Reggiano.

  • Butter- Garlic Sauce – This buttery sauce can be teamed with any type of pasta preparation. It is prepared by cooking the garlic with butter, ground black pepper and salt. This sauce can be used as a base for shrimp and prawn based dishes. In some variants virgin olive oil, chili flakes, garlic cloves, white wine, provencal herbs, salt-pepper, and lemon juice are used in the preparation of sauce.

  • Herbed Butter Sauce – This sauce is a variation of Maitre’d Hotel butter recipe and is prepared by combining the ingredients like shallots, unsalted butter, chicken stock, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, heavy cream, tarragon leaves, chopped parsley leaves, and ground black pepper. This sauce is best served with grilled salmon.

  • Spiked Basil Sauce – This sauce is best served with corn based dishes. It is usually prepared and served during the summers when the corns are available in abundance. Softened butter is cooked with basil leaves, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.

  • Orange Butter sauce – This orange flavored sauce is best served with Dungenes crab cake. It is prepared using ingredients like orange zest, fresh orange juice, kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, and butter. The sauce tastes best when served fresh.

  • Drawn Butter Sauce – This delicate and rich sauce was extensively used in Britain during 18th and 19th centuries. This sauce is prepared using ingredients like butter, plain flour, milk, lemon juice, and salt and is enriched by the addition of egg yolk, like Hollandaise sauce. This sauce is considered best to be served with sea kale, asparagus, and other fresh vegetables. It can also be used like a white sauce or it can serve as a base for other sauces. The sauce tastes good when served hot.

  • Butter Yaki Sauce – This sauce recipe was devised by Chef Eli Low. The sauce is served as an accompaniment to mashed potatoes, creamy spinach, steamed white rice or sauteed mushrooms. It is prepared using ingredients like butter, sake, mirin, shoyu and Grany Smith Apples.