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Bread Sauce

Bread sauce is a traditional British sauce that has been thickened using bread. Bread sauce can be served either cold or warm depending on the requirement and individual preferences. It is always a savory sauce that is usually served with main course. The main ingredients used are milk, butter, bread crumbs, and seasonings. Stale or left over bread crumbs are used in the sauce. It is an economical way of using leftover bread by making a sauce along with it. The bread based sauce is extremely popular due to its unique taste and flavor, and is traditionally served as a part of Christmas lunch in British cuisine, with roasted meat.

Ingredients and Preparation

The traditional British bread based sauce is made with cream or butter, bread crumbs, and milk. The flavoring agents for the sauce include salt, onions, cloves, pepper, bay leaves, and mace. The basic bread sauce recipe suggests leaving onions, bay leaves, and cloves in boiled milk for around half an hour, straining the mix, and then simmering it with bread crumbs added to it. Little amount of butter is also added during the simmering process. The sauce is seasoned with black pepper and salt, and can be either served warm or cold. The Turkish variant of the sauce calls for adding hazelnuts or walnuts to breadcrumbs before they are combined with milk and other ingredients.


  • Bread sauce is a popular accompaniment to domestic fowl such as chicken and turkey.
  • The bread based sauce is also a popular side dish to duck or chicken in Turkish cuisine. Turkish people also like to serve the sauce with chick pea salads.


Bread based sauce can be stored for around a month in frozen form.

Nutrition Facts

One serving of bread sauce provides around 170 calories, obtained from 13.03 g of fat, 41 mg of cholesterol, 165 mg of sodium, 90 mg of potassium, 9.87 g of carbohydrates, and 2.33 g of protein.