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Avocado Sauce

Avocado sauce is prepared using avocado as a base ingredient. Guacamole from Mexico is a avocado based dipping sauce which is served with crackers, tortilla chips and taco salad. Sauce made up of avocado is usually served as a dipping sauce in many South American countries.

Popular Avocado Sauce Recipes

  • Guacamole – This is a popular Mexican avocado dipping sauce which is enjoyed throughout Central America with same fervor and interest. This sauce is prepared by crushing avocados with other combining ingredients in a mortar and pestle. The sauce is often spelled as ‘guacamol’ in some parts of Central America. It is prepared using ripe avocados, garlic, lime, olive oil, and salt. All these ingredients are crushed in a mortar and pestle. The seasoning of the sauce is adjusted as per their usage in grilled meats, entrees and tortillas.

    Texture and flavor of the sauce is enhanced by adding tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, white onion, chili powder and cilantro.

    According to a famous tradition avocado pits are added to the guacamole to save it from turning brown. This tradition also helps improve the lifespan of the sauce.

  • Avocado Cream – A popular avocado based sauce of Mexican origin. This sauce tastes salty and it is used in the preparation of various savory dishes like fish tacos and carnitas. It is sometimes prepared sweet and used in the preparation of desserts. The sauce has bright green color and its texture resembles that of cream. It is prepared by combining the freshly chopped avocados with crema or sour cream. Crema is an ingredient similar to the sour cream.

    This sauce is a very common condiment in many taco shops and Mexican restaurants. The avocado cream sauce is sometimes frozen and the resultant dish appears like ice cream.

    Trivia – Frozen avocado cream is served as a dessert during Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday, which is also observed in United States of America.

  • Mango Avocado Salsa – A mango and avocado based sauce of American origin. This sauce has hot and sweet taste and it is teamed with different types of foods. The blend is usually served along fish, pork and chicken dishes. At times it is also served as a dip with baked tortilla chips. The combining ingredients largely vary depending on the purpose, and taste preferences of the individuals. Apart from mango slices and avocados, peppers, onion, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, are some of the regular ingredients used in the preparation of sauce.

    Mangoes and avocados are combined with onion, olive oil, tomatoes, and garlic and are blended well before refrigerating. This fruit based sauce is considered a good option by health conscious individuals and in some cultures it is perceived as an unusual food experience.

  • Caputo’s Avocado Sauce – This sauce derives its name from its creator Tony Caputo. This unusual sauce involving avocado is prepared by combining the fruit with ingredients like bacon, shallots, lime, extra virgin olive oil, salt-pepper, pasta, cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley, and grated Pecorino cheese. Pitted avocados are combined with remaining ingredients and refrigerated for about an hour before serving. The sauce is tossed with pasta before serving. Grated pecorino is sometimes served with the sauce in a separate bowl or used as a garnish over the sauce before serving. Hot chili flakes are also added to the sauce to increase its hotness or it is used as table chili. Bacon is chopped to very small pieces for using in sauce.