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Duckling With Orange Sauce

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Purchase 4 to 5 pound ready to cook duckling.
Remove wing joints and tips, leaving only meaty second joints.
Rub duckling inside with salt and pepper.
Skewer opening, lace.
Place breast up on rack in roasting pan.
Do not add water.
Roast at 425° for 15 minutes; turn oven down to 350° and continue roasting 1 hour and 40 minutes, or till done, spooning off fat occasionally.
Duck is done when meaty part of leg feels tender (use paper towel).
Meanwhile, begin Orange Sauce.
When duck is done, tip slightly so inside juices drain into roasting pan.
Remove skewers; place bird on hot platter.
Sprinkle lightly with salt, and keep warm.
Finish Orange Sauce.
Spoon part over duck; pass remainder.
Garnish bird with a row of orange sections.

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Duckling With Orange Sauce Recipe