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<p>Ladling up the cranberry sauce onto your roast Turkey might be your favorite pastime in fall, but do be careful about ingesting so much of sugar. No, the homemade variety is no good either. So what do you do? Spike the taste by adding a bit of orange zest and rind and make sure to add whole cranberries instead of white sugar. A great way of getting your fill of vitamins and fiber indeed!</p>
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  Cranberries/Frozen cranberries 1 Pound (fresh)
  Orange 1 Large
  Sugar 1 Cup (16 tbs)

Wash the cranberries and pick them over for stems.
Put them in a blender.
Slice both ends off the orange, but leave the rest of the peel on.
Cut the orange into small pieces and remove the pips.
Place the orange pieces in the blender with the cranberries.
Add the sugar to the fruits in the blender and puree to an even consistency (it will be quite chunky).
Turn the sauce into a pretty dish and chill before serving with the festive meal.

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