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Sandwich Surprise

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The best way to enjoy meals outdoors.Recipes to enjoy later, perfectly packed, rich and diverse.Sandwiches, salads, seafood and meat.Some are ready to keep temperate for a few hours.
  Salted butter 3 Ounce
  York ham 5 Ounce
  Cheese 5 Ounce, sliced
  Wholemeal loaf 1 Pound
  Duck pate 3 Ounce
  Pickle 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)

1. Using a sharp bread knife, slice the crusts from the top, bottom and around the middle of the whole meal loaf.
2. Slice the soft portion, horizontally, into four equal layers, just like layered cake.
3. Spread soft salted butter on one side of the bread layers.
4. On one bread slice arrange the ham slices and top with cheese slices. Cover with another bread layer, buttered side down. Cut the sandwich into 8 equal size wedges.
5. Arrange them in a box made by using the bottom crust and the ring crust of the loaf. Place a circle of parchment paper on top.
6. On the other bread layer, spread the duck pate evenly over the butter. Arrange sliced pickles on top. Cover with last bread layer, buttered side down.
7. Cut the sandwich into 8 equal size wedges and arrange them over the first layer of ham and cheese sandwiches. Place a circle of parchment paper on top.
8. Close the sandwich bow with the top crust.

9. Carry for a picnic, trek or camp and enjoy with family and friends.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Very Easy
Preparation Time: 
10 Minutes

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