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Salt is one of the simplest food seasonings, a chemical compound consisting of sodium chloride. Edible salts just as the most commonly used table salt and rock salt are the most popular.Salt is found in various parts of the world. It is formed naturally on the earth’s surface and in seawater. Salt is important for plants, animals as well as for human beings. Animals and plants need salt in small amounts as excessive use is harmful both for plants and animal. Human beings use salt in their food and drinks for the taste of saltiness, which is a basic human taste.


Since hundreds of years, salt has been used for conserving foods like meat. From the 6050 BC, salt has played a majored role in the world history. As per the Egyptian religious rituals, salt played an important part in immolation and the salted birds and fishes used to be traded to the Phoenicians in lieu of other objects.

The Romans used to salt there lettuce and vegetables from which the word salad was derived. During the Third According to Scotland history, salt was used in making Beer or else it would have been spoiled by the evils.

Types of Salt

Salt is of following types -

Unrefined Salt: - unrefined salt is natural salt. Which has not been is used for bathing or for cosmetic manufacturing. Bath salt which is also known natural sea salt is mainly used for healing and therapeutic purpose mixed with other components.

Refined salt:-Refine salt has great industrial importance for production. Refined salt is commonly used by industries like fabric, textiles, pulp and paper, shop and detergents. After the natural salt is obtained, it is filtered with other chemicals and obtained by reprocessing andevaporating in different stages.

Table Salt:- table salt is commonly used by humans. Table salt is used in cooking for taste. Table salt has sodium chloride content of up to 97% to 99%.


Seawater is vaporized to make salt. Salt can also be produced from brine, salt lakes and from rock salt mines known as halite.

Health Effects:-

Excess of salt or less consumption of salt in daily usage can make muscle cramps, dizziness or electrolyte disturbance which can lead to death or neurological problems. Excessive intake of salt can also cause high Blood pressure, heart attract, hypernatremia, edema and stomach cancer.


Salt is used in kitchen, cleaning and health and beauty.

Kitchen Usage-

Salt is used in water to make cooking quicker.

Egg- makes easy to peel egg boiled in salt water, poaching egg on salt water makes the egg cook with firmness. Salt is used to check the freshness of egg.

Fruits and Nuts:-Peeled apples, pears and potatoes are placed in slightly salted water to prevent them from coloring. Pecans can be socked in salt water for hours to take out the nutty flesheasily.

Bread and Pastry- salt gives taste to bread and pastry. Also, it is used for controlling the growth of yeast in the bread making process.

Salt is used from canning meat and vegetables and should be free from grit, speaks and iron partials. It is also used in production of cheese.

Vegetables- treating salad leaves with salt keeps them fresh.

Cleaning- cleaning oily vessels with salt helps removing the oil. Stain of coffee and tea can be taken out by the use salt.

Non-food Uses

Industrial uses-

Salt is used in aluminum manufacturing. Iron and other materials are removed from aluminum by using salt. It is also used in Caustic Chlorine manufacturing to make caustic soda. Pottering production salt is used to make glass surface. Salt is used to make saop and detergent. It is also employedin rubber manufacturing. In textiles industries, salt is used for dyeing which makes dyeing quicker.

Health and Beauty-

Salt is effective in cleaning and whitening teeth. It removes unwanted germs and keeps the gums healthy. Gargling with warm salted water can prevent one from throat pain. Salt helps to cure swollen eyes when used with warm water. Washing legs in warm salted water prevents legs from swelling and pain.


  • As per the rituals of the European countries, even to this day, a hand full of salt is put inside the coffin of a dead person for keeping away evil spirit.
  • The work salary was taken from the word salt, Salt was important and it manufacturing was illegal in pre historic time.