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Salmon Fillet

Salmon fillet is technically a slice from longitudinal or boned side of Salmon, a variety of fish, commonly used for cooking dishes. Salmon fillet has a rich flavor that is retained by adding fresh or dried herbs. These types of fillets make a scrumptious meal when served with cherry tomatoes and other veggies by the side. Besides the conventional salmon fillet recipe, few other recipes are prepared in the continental and seafood restaurants.
Methods Used In Making Salmon Fillet:

The thinly sliced salmon fillets are cooked by rubbing the meat with lemon juice and seasoned salt. In present day cooking, salmon fillet recipes are prepared either in the oven or in the charcoal grill; but the latter one is considered to keep the fillets firm and juicy. The tangy taste is somewhat necessary for the dish, but lemon juice can be replaced with vinegar.

Variations In Salmon Fillet Recipe:

Salmon fillet can be eaten with veggies, can be cooked with sauce, or can come with stuffing. These varieties involve different set of ingredients, giving the dish a whole new taste. Salmon fillet recipe can also be followed at the home cooking-grill with much of an ease. In case salmon fillet is oven cooked; the fish should be properly checked till the time there is a color change. Salmon fillet is never served with white sauce.