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Crusted Salmon

Crusted salmon is a moderately rich salmon fillet dish with a crispy finish. The bread crumb coating over the salmon fillets gives the dish its name ‘crusted salmon’. The dish is in fact a delicate combination of a crispy coating with a soft and tender interior. The dish in its classic form is prepared in the Caribbean and parts of United States.

Preparing Crusted Salmon:

The finely sliced salmon fillets are initially coated with bread crumbs, followed by herbs of choice and black pepper. Salmon fillets are then lightly skillet cooked in olive oil. Crusted salmon derives the superior flavor from the mixed herbs; if preferred a portion of sun-dried tomatoes and shallots can be added in the crusted salmon recipe. The dish is then carefully baked with all the coatings till the fish turns soft from inside.

When ready it can be served with or without a saucy layer; however, majority of the chefs prefer to prepare a wined sauce to pour over the baked crusted salmon. Most often the dish is garnished with lemon wedges, dried rosemary or basil.