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Gravlax - Part 1 Curing The Salmon

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Gravlox, or Gravlax, as it is also spelled, has a very interesting translation. It was originally made by Scandinavian fishermen who coated the salmon with a salt and sugar mixture and buried it in the sand to "cure." So the term Gravlax comes from the word “grav” which means grave, and the word “lax” which means salmon. So there you go, with trivia like that, you’ll kill at that next dinner party! Now, what I’m trying to do in this demo is to use the classic Gravlox technique, but use a smoked salt in the curing mix to achieve something that will be very close to the store-bought, and VERY expensive, smoked salmon. Lots of people try to smoke salmon at home, but they are using a high-temp smoker which basically just produces cooked salmon with a smoked favor. Now there’s nothing wrong with “hot-smoked” salmon, but what I’m after is that soft, buttery texture of the “cold-smoked” salmon that is sold commercially. I think this just might work! Anyway, check out part 2 and in a few days I’ll show you the results. I will be selling my smoked paprika salt on the site soon, but until then you can use the ingredients I’ve listed below. Safety Note: If you are worried about eating “raw” salmon, relax. This is technically raw, but “cooks” as it cures in the salt and sugar mixture. Also, you bought top-quality salmon, of course. To be really safe, you can buy frozen wild salmon and thaw that; the freezing process kills any chance of dangerous parasites, etc. By the way, that’s why many Sushi Bars actually use pre-frozen fish.
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European Smoked Salmon
Lots of people try to smoke salmon at home, but using a high-temp smoker basically just produces cooked salmon with a smoked flavor. Making Gravlax or smoked salmon at home will not save you a whole lot of money and will need patience but will definitely give you a product with a quite different flavor and texture and the pleasure of producing something this good by yourself. Chef John demonstrates a classic technique to cure the salmon, that gives a soft, buttery texture of the “cold-smoked” salmon.

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