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Watercress Salad

Watercress salad is a great summer food recipe. Watercress salad is highly nutritious and popular all over the world as an appetizer.

Nutritional value of watercress salad

Watercress is the main ingredient of watercress salad. Watercress is a very healthy leafy vegetable. It helps in detoxify and to energize your body. Fifteen essential vitamins and minerals are present in watercress. It has enormous amount of iron, calcium and folic acid. For the proper functioning of thyroid gland, consumption of watercress is a good option as it contains high iodine. Watercress salad helps in increasing the appetite and also helpful in relief from many diseases like asthma, anemia, diabetes, and arthritis.

Watercress salad recipes

Spinach watercress salad, seafood watercress salad, watercress broccoli salad and herb watercress salad lemon are some healthy watercress salad recipes containing variety of ingredients.