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Thyme Salad

Thyme Salad is a popular salad type which is part of the Lebanese cuisine and is majorly consumed during the summer time. Fresh thyme leaves are used to prepare the salad, although dried thyme gives a better flavor. The all-around the year availability of thyme makes the salad very popular.

Method of Preparation and Ingredients used in Thyme Salad Recipe

Thyme Salad as the name suggests makes use of the ingredients like fresh thyme leaves, cucumbers, onion, orange juice, lemon juice, sugar and salt. The cucumbers are cut into thin slices as well as grated. Onion is chopped into fine slices and added to the cucumber. Also, the other ingredients are added to the onion and cucumber mixture and blended well. The dish is refrigerated and served cold.

Variations in the Thyme Salad Recipe

There are many variations to the Thyme Salad; one can include chopped tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc. into the salad. Mayonnaise can be added to the salad recipe to add flavor to it. A few variations also include the use of shredded meat like chicken, pork or beef.

Nutritional Value of Salad with Thyme Leaves

The Thyme Salad consists of approximately 42% calories and is considered to be healthy.