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Seafoam Salad

Seafoam Salad is a lime-green or orange dessert salad that is served mostly in cafeterias and as a filler dish in buffets. It is made of gelatin, pears, cream cheese, masachino cherries and a topping of whipped cream.

History of the Seafoam Salad

Seafoam Salad was first served at F. W. Woolworth's lunch counters. It was considered to be a dessert salad but nothing much is known about its creator or the original salad recipe. At least one variation of the salad formed an important part of the dessert salad counter at F. W. Woolworth's lunch counters. As Woolworths increased the number of stores it had, the dish also increased in popularity.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of a Seafoam Salad recipe

The traditional Seafoam Salad recipe suggests use of green gelatin, different varieties of cream cheese, pears or pear juice, maraschino cherries and a whipped cream topping on top of the dish. The pear juice from the can is used to make gelatin. Cream cheese is whipped and added to the gelatin and allowed to set. The pears are mashed and then added to the partially set gelatin to create the dish. Usually canned ingredients are used to create the signature taste but fresh ingredients can also be used. Originally, gelatin was used to create the recipe but newer versions use readymade Jell-o which works just as well. The F. W. Woolworth's lunch counters also served an orange version where orange gelatin was substituted instead of the green gelatin. Over the years, other variations in the Seafoam Salad recipe have cropped up like a pineapple version where the gelatin or Jell-o is mixed with crushed pineapple, chopped nuts and mayonnaise. The Orange version uses orange colored Jello-o with crushed pineapple and mandarin oranges with chopped pecans.

Serving and Eating a Seafoam Salad

Seafoam salads are usually considered as dessert salads and can be served at the end of a meal. They can also be served by themselves as a light summer meal.

Nutritional Value of the Seafoam Salad

A single serving of Seafoam Salad has about 100 calories. Commercially available Seafoam Salads contain different ingredients, and thus differing calorific values.