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Pea Salad

Pea salad is a dish made using cooked peas. Peas have high nutritional value and hence their salad is generally considered healthy food.

Preparation of Pea Salad

Pea salad is made in different cuisines using different types of peas and seasonings. A basic pea salad can be made by mixing cooked peas with finely chopped onions and boiled egg and seasoning it with some salt and pepper. A shredded cheese topping enhances the flavors of the salad. The dish may be refrigerated till used.

Traditional English Pea Salad

A recipe for the traditional English Pea Salad as served by Luby’s Cafeteria in Houston, Texas, includes English sweet grain peas, cheddar or American processed cheese, celery, sweet gherkins or sweet pickles, pimiento, mayonnaise, salt and white pepper. All the ingredients are tossed together in a medium-sized bowl and chilled till served.

Green Pea Salad

Green Pea Salad may be made using freshly green cooked peas, bacon, sour cream, onions or chives, mint or fresh dill dressing, and salt and pepper seasonings. All the ingredients are mixed together in a bowl and chilled till further use.

Pea Salad Recipes

Popular pea salad recipes include cold pea salad, low fat pea salad, garden pea salad, corn pea salad, crunchy pea salad and nutty pea salad amongst many others.