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Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad is a romaine lettuce and crouton salad, first prepared by Italian Mexican restaurateur, Caesar Cardini, to meet an Independence Day demand in 1924. With a flavorful dressing composed of cheese, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, olive oil and egg this leafy dish is a favorite of many, not only for its winning taste but also because it is one of the most readily assembled salads.

The Traditional Caesar Salad

Going by the original recipe for the Caesar salad, Cardini did not include anchovies in his preparation. The slight flavor of anchovies was most probably from the Worcestershire sauce. Huge lettuce leaves, meant to be picked up by the hand by the stem for eating, were used. The original recipe includes coddled eggs and Italian olive oil.

The Modern Caesar Salad

The Caesar Salad recipe, as defined by Hotel Caeser, from the year 2006 onwards includes basically the same ingredients of the original recipe but uses freshly prepared ingredients wherever possible. However variations are allowed in the recipe with the inclusion of one or more of the following ingredients- mayonnaise, different types of lettuce, chicken, Romano cheese, capers, bacon, shrimp, salmon and anchovies. A number of irresistible Caesar Salad recipes are made using these ingredients.