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Cabbage Salad

Cabbage Salad is one of the many variations of vegetable salad that often uses shredded cabbage heads tossed with herbs of choice, lemon juice and olive oil thus making it a healthy and complete meal. This salad type can either go as a side dish with meat or fish recipes; else it can be used as a topping for recipes like taco, beef roll-ups, chicken/turkey wraps so on and so forth.

Health Benefits Of Cabbage Salad:

The dripping homemade mayonnaise over the oregano mixed cabbage salad is indeed a heavenly site! For its health benefits, Cabbage Salad recipes have now evolved as the favorite of diet freaks. The oregano, lime and olive oil has their definitive flavor and most importantly their own health quotient.

Method Of Making Cabbage Salad:

Cabbage salad is often kid's special, as it can be prepared quickly with all the easy available products right from the kitchen shelves. Unlike other salad recipes, cabbage salad isn't prepared on stove-top; so all you need is a salad bowl to mix the ingredients together. Tossing the cabbage with lemon juice helps to blend the flavor equally into the mixture.