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Potato Salad:- Allow 1 medium potato per serving.
Scrub, boil in skins and do not peel until cooked unless recipe directs otherwise.
Potato Salad with Bacon Bits:- Slice potatoes into bowl lined with lettuce or other greens, and sprinkle each layer with chopped onion, crumbled crisp bacon and finely chopped parsley.
Pour over just enough French Dressing to moisten.
Sprinkle freshly ground black pepper over top, and garnish with parsley.
Potatoes in Mayonnaise:- Prepare required quantity of diced potatoes.
For each cupful allow 1/2 cup chopped celery and 1 teaspoon chopped mild onion.
Combine with Mayonnaise to moisten.
Serve on lettuce leaves, and garnish with such color contrasts as sliced stuffed olives, pimento or green-pepper strips, and sliced or chopped hard-cooked eggs.
For an interesting touch, place a spoonful of chilled cooked new peas in tiny lettuce cup at side of each serving; sprinkle with French Dressing.

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