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  Beetroots 6
  Gherkins 3
  Firm-hearted lettuce 1 Large
  Onion 1 Medium
  Frozen brussels sprouts 150 Gram

Wash and dry lettuce head some hours before required.
Wrap in a damp cloth and leave in the refrigerator to become crisp.
When needed remove the best of the outer leaves, discarding the rest, and shred finely.
Carefully open out the heart, as far as possible, without breaking the leaves off.
Have the beetroot ready boiled with 1/4 cup sugar added to the water half-way through the cooking.
Remove beetroot skins and allow the beet to get almost cold, then remove pointed ends and cut a slice off each at stem end.
Now' very carefully scoop out the soft beetroot from the centre of each, leaving a wall of beetroot all around.
Mix with chqpped gherkins and grated onion and moisten with a little French dressing.
Put a teaspoon of dressing into each beetroot case too and move around the inside to coat the case.
Leave for about 15 minutes then fill the beetroot cases with the beet- root filling, just removing the dressing.
Sprinkle shredded lettuce and lettuce heart with more dressing.
Scatter shredded lettuce over a salad plate and stand the heart in the centre, arranging the filled beetroot around it.
Boil the Brussels sprouts as directed on the packet.
When cooked and cool, dip them, heads down, into French dressing, leaving for a few minutes, then place them here and there around the edge1 of the salad plate.

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