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Summer Fresh Watermelon Basket Loaded with Melon Salad

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  Seedless watermelon 1 Medium, seedless watermelon (Round And Ripe Variety)
  Cantaloupe 1 (Ripe Variety)
  Honeydew melon 1

Use a sharp knife to carefully carve the watermelon, so that it is in the form of a basket with a handle. Save the meat of the watermelon, in large chunks. Do not use the handle for carrying the watermelon. Place the watermelon in a close-fitting Pyrex dish. Now peel the cantaloupe and honeydew melon, and chop the meat of the watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon into edible wedge-shaped pieces. Fill the watermelon basket until it is mounded up toward the handle. Then place the remainder of the cut-up melon in a large clear bowl for serving separately or for replenishing the watermelon basket when it is low. This is a great treat to take to a potluck dinner or a brunch. It is very pretty, but also tasty and healthy! Enjoy!!!

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Very Easy
Be it be summer barbecue, beach party or backyard potluck, juicy watermelons makes for a healthy, tasty and fanciful addition to any party buffet. Very refreshing and quick to make, melon salad served in a fancy watermelon bowl will also make for a beautiful dinner table centerpiece. Betty shows you how to toss up a quick, salad using summer-fresh melons. For inspiration, follow the video.

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Summer Fresh Watermelon Basket Loaded With Melon Salad Recipe Video