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Pineapple Boats

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  Pineapple 1 Medium
  Seedless grapes 4 Bunch (400 gm) (Approximately 6 Grapes Per Bunch)

Split pineapple lengthwise into quarters, leaving plume attached to each quarter.
With a sharp knife, separate flesh from shell in one piece.
Trim away core.
Return each long section of flesh to its shell and cut it vertically into 1/2-inch wedges.
Stick a toothpick into each wedge.
Arrange pineapple quarters in a circle on a round, flat serving tray, with small bunches of grapes between them.
Garnish with lemon leaves.
MELON BOATS Substitute cantaloupe or honeydew for pineapple.
Cut melon into fourths.
Separate flesh in a single piece from each section, then slice vertically into small wedges.
Proceed as directed above.

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Pineapple Boats Recipe