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Hot Rum

Hot Rum is grog which is prepared by mixing water or small amount of beer with rum. This is a classic hot drink that is mainly enjoyed around the campfire. As, per the old recipe book this drink was prepared by mixing beer/cold water with rum, but modern versions suggest using hot or boiling water in place of the cold water. The drink derives its name from the hot water which is often mixed with the rum. Grog is a common word used to indicate the mixed rum drinks but in some countries like Australia and New Zealand, the word is used to indicate any alcoholic drink.

Mostly lime juice, lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon is added to flavorise the hot rum.

The hot rum recipecan be tweaked to match ones taste preferences. Several variations of this drink are followed throughout the world.

History of Hot Rum
The hot rum was first invented to preserve water. As, sailors needed lots of fresh water on extended trips, so water was carried out on long casks. But the stored water had very short life and soon got infected with algae or got slimy. To avoid the growth of algae the water was often mixed with alcoholic beverages. The sailors were given rum mixed waters as rations. The rum –water drink was called old grog or old grogram. It is believed that the hot rum drink was prepared in 1749 by Admiral Vernon. Admiral Vernon offered this drink to his sailors to curb their excessive drinking behavior.

Ingredients Prescribed by Hot Rum
Hot rum is prepared by mixing brown sugar, dark rum/light rum, hot water, and vanilla extract/lemon juice. The regular recipe is tweaked with addition of spices like allspice, nutmeg, and ground cinnamon. The ingredients are normally mixed in glass, but some recipe guides support red hot poker mixing technique for mixing hot rum.

Popular Hot Rum Recipes

  • Hot Buttered Rum: This is a popular hot rum recipe where a spoonful of butter is added for extra flavor. Off late this drink has emerged as the popular party drink.
  • Bumbo: This is a hot rum recipe, where the rum is mixed with nutmeg, water, sugar and rum.
  • Spiced Rum: rum, hot water, vanilla bean, star anise, all-spice, orange zest and cloves are used to churn this hot rum recipe.
  • Hot Rum Toddy: This is a basic hot rum recipe, where the rum is mixed with boiling water and sugar.
  • Tom and Jerry: Eggs, rum, allspice, cloves, sugar, and water is used to prepare this drink. The Tom and Jerry batter is prepared sans the rum. This rum is added only during the use.
  • Hot Lemonade With Rum: This drink is prepared by mixing water, sugar, dark rum, lemon juice. The drink is garnished with lemon slices and cinnamon candy swizzle sticks.
  • Hot Rum Chocolate: This drink is prepared by mixing hot water, dark rum, whipped cream, sugar and cocoa.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Hot Rum
The calories in hot rum vary according to the ingredients used.

  • Two drinks of a popular hot buttered rum serves 633 calories with 23.89 grams of fat, 8.58 grams of carbs, 60 mg of cholesterol, 0.5 grams of sugar, 20 mg of potassium, 2% of calcium, 1 % iron and 0.35 grams of protein.