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Meat Rub

Meat rub is a mixture of spices and herbs – both dried and fresh that is applied or rubbed on the meat in order to flavor it. Meat rubs can be made fresh at home or bought from the market. Market has many varieties of meat rubs representing a cuisine or region.

Meat Rub Varieties
Meat rubs are ideal for meats like pork, lamb, beef and chicken. They are available in 2 forms; dry and wet. The dry rub has dried herbs and seasonings and a longer shelf life, while the wet rub includes some liquids in the form of vinegar, oil and fruit juices. A wet rub spoils quickly and needs to be used as soon as possible. Homemade rubs can also be made dry or wet and stored in air tight jars.

Meat Rub Recipes
Some famous meat rub recipes include; Cajun Meat Rub, Tandoori Meat rub, Adobo meat rub, Barbecue Meat rub, etc.