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Rub is a fine blend of ground spices which serves the purpose of a spicy marination for raw food. In the process, the spice rub is first rubbed on the outer layer of the raw food in the form of a protective coat. The food is then left marinated for a considerable period of time, ideally 10-12 hours, so as to allow the spices to completely seep into it. The food is at last cooked in either of the cooking methods like grilling, baking or sautéing to best relish the dish in its delectable spicy coating of rub. The spice is predominantly used in American cuisines for preparing rub recipes like fish delicacies, chicken dishes, fish delicacies and meat dishes and two popular examples are grilled salmon and barbecue chicken. Origin of rub recipes Herbs and spices have been used for seasoning purposes ever since the dawn of civilization. However, the use of rub for marinating raw food has been much of a closely guarded secret of the grill masters of Southern United States of America. In fact, in some culinary customs, the secrets of rub recipes were only passed on within the family members. However, with the modern times, the closely guarded secret of these recipes came out to the open and are today, a common selling product in the grocery stores. The process of rub marinating The preparation of rub recipes begins with the preparation of the spice mix which may involve a fine blend of varied coarsely grinded herbs, depending on the taste preference of a particular dish. It is necessary to follow the below mentioned directions for preparing the spice rub. 1. Always begin by preparing a dry rub by mixing all the grounded herbs, except for salt. 2. Use of creativity is welcome, however, that’s recommended only at the end of preparing the basic rub mixture. Ingredients like dried onions, grounded hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, cornmeal and dried lemon are considered excellent additions. 3. At the end, mix salt to the mixture which should ideally be 1/5th or 20 per cent of the dried rub. 4. Add crushed garlic or oil drops to form a fine paste of the spices and evenly apply it on the food with the help of a brush. 5. Leave the food for marination for 12 hours or overnight and then cook it. Frying, baking and grilling are the best cooking methods for spice rubs. Popular rub recipes Spice rub is popularly used for preparing rub recipes like grilled chicken, grilled/ baked/ fried beef steaks, soups, stir fries, stews, grilled turkey, shrimp dishes, grilled/ fried fish, pork shoulder and more. The most common ingredients that are used for making dried spice rub are chili powder, dried garlic powder, cumin powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, oregano and more. Advantages and disadvantages of Rubs Spice rub is essential for enhancing the flavor of the food. Marination of a mix of the chosen rub spices seep into and mingle with the natural juice of the food, thereby augmenting its taste. Although there are no noticeable disadvantages of savoring rub recipes, the requisite time of 10-12 hours is usually needed for effective marination.