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Nut Roll

A nut roll is a pastry that contains dough lining on which nut paste has been spread, the dough is then rolled and baked, and cut crosswise to give small pieces, each containing nut paste in the middle. The fillings are usually made of walnut paste. The traditional Hungarian version is called Beigli, while the dish is called Makoweik in Poland.

Ingredients Used and Popular Method of Preparation of Nut Roll Ingredients:

The ingredients used for preparing nut roll are as follows- Sweet yeast dough: This dough containing yeast, sugar, salt and eggs, which has been allowed to rise. Nut filling: This is made of chopped or ground nuts, often walnuts or poppy seeds, along with egg white, cinnamon, milk, bread crumbs and sugar. Nut Roll Recipe: For nut roll recipe, the dough is rolled into flat round rectangular shape, and the nut paste filling spread over it. The dough is then rolled up to form a log shape and baked. It is then cut along the cross section to make small pieces of dough showing swirls of nut filling at the center. Nut rolls also come in various other shapes in different recipes.

Serving Nut Roll

Nut rolls are served as a dessert or snack. In some cases they are dusted with confectioner’s sugar before serving. They are often served during Christmas, Easter and wedding celebrations.

Popular Nut Roll Variations

A nut roll can be of different kinds, and some of the popular variations are as follows-

• In the US, nut roll recipe suggests filling made with ground walnuts, poppy seeds and coffee.

• In Central European recipes, cinnamons, sour cream, bread crumbs, raisins and lemon zest rum are added to the walnuts or poppy seeds.

• In the Slovenian nut roll recipe, butter, eggs, cream and honey are added to the walnut paste.

• A Croatian pastry by the name of povitica is made from dough rolled very thin, spread with a paste of walnuts, brown sugar and spices, and rolled out to a log form

• Lekvarostekercs are European rolled pastries containing a jam filling, usually of apricot or cherry jam.

• Politicas is a similar kind of pastry that is baked in cake tins which are round in shape and contain a tube at the center.

This gives the cakes the shape of rings. There are many different types of politicas, containing various types of fillings. Some of the popular fillings contain walnuts, hazelnuts, min, curd, cream, honey, bacon or cracklings. Other recipes of round shaped politicas contain chocolate or cocoa fillings.

Health and Nutrition Facts about Nut Roll

Nut roll is a good source of instant energy. Nuts mentioned in the nut roll recipe are rich in proteins and healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.