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Meat Roll

Meat roll is a delicious and appealing snack item. It is actually a slice of meat covered in a wrap with many other ingredients. Though some meat rolls do not need a wrap and the meat is rolled and stuffed with cheese and many other vegetables. The meat for the rolls can be pork, beef or chicken. Mainly served as appetizer, a meat roll is always in demand by the youth.

Method And Ingredients Included By Meat Roll Recipes

Meat roll recipes have many variations. The commonly used ingredients for a meat roll recipe are meat, onions, boiled eggs, ginger garlic paste, and spices such as red chili powder, salt, coriander seeds and bread crumbs and all-purpose flour. The meat is minced and all the spices are added to it. Dough is prepared by mixing all-purpose flour with beaten eggs. The dough is rolled as a wrap and minced meat is put onto it. The dough with the meat is rolled and fried until golden.

Serving Meat Roll

The tasty and filling meat rolls are the snackitem that tastes best when served hot. The meat roll can be garnished with chopped coriander and onion rings. A splash of lemon can enhance the flavor of a meat roll by making it taste tangy. Crisp salted wafers pair well with the meat roll. Various dips and sauces also add up to the taste of meat rolls. Mostly chilled drinks align well with these spicy and cheesy meat rolls. Sparkling wines are the best drinks to be served with them. Though, many mixed drinks with fruity flavor can also complement to the taste of meat rolls.

Popular Meat Roll Recipes

Morcan Meat Rolls- This meat roll recipe is a popular holiday dish of Philippines and is mostly served during Christmas and New Year celebrations. This roll contains egg, cheese, pickles, carrots and sometimes sausages. Peppercorn, bay leaves, onions, garlic and tomato sauce is also used to add to the flavor.

Sicilian Meat Roll- This meat roll is known for its amazing flavors. The recipe makes use of various ingredients like tomato juice, parsley, oregano, ginger and garlic along with ground beef, ham and Mozzarella cheese; it is crispy from outside, but smooth and tender from within. It is served best as a side dish to tangy pastas.

Meat Rolls With Walnuts And Cheese- It is one of the different yet delicious meat roll recipes. The meat is minced and dry breadcrumbs are added to give crispiness and consistency. Crushed walnuts with cheese are used to enrich the taste of these rolls. Various herbs and spices make the dish truly aromatic. It is indeed one of the perfect holiday meat roll recipes.