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Cabbage Roll

Cabbage roll is another name for stuffed cabbage. It is a dish made of cabbage leaves that are cooked and wrapped around a range of fillings. It is common to the ethnic cuisines of Western Asia and Europe and is also extremely popular in regions of North America colonized by Eastern Europeans. Cabbage leaves in the rolls have fillings and are simmered, baked or steamed in a covered pot and usually eaten warm, often with a sauce that gives it a completion.

Variations of cabbage rolls

Cabbage roll’s history backs us to Eastern Europe, where plain sour cream or tomato-based sauces are typical. It is especially popular in Lebanon where the cabbage is stuffed with minced meat and rice. Interesting thing to note here is that the cabbage rolls are rolled to the shape and size of a cigar. It is generally served with yogurt, olive oilvinaigrette(seasoned with dried mint and garlic) and lemon.

Cabbage rolls are very popular in Croatia. According to a modern survey, 96% of women over 24 eat cabbage rolls regularly. The undisputed popularity of this dish in Croatia is nowadays matched by the hearty bean soup. The very famous stuffed cabbage with minced and smoked pork is a strong Croatian favorite during Christmas.

Ukrainian cabbage rolls can be prepared from either parboiled or pickled cabbage leaves. In Ukraine, filling traditionally contains rice. For the meat lovers, the rice filling is mixed with some meat. Other recipes use chopped wild mushrooms and cooked kasha or, more recently, combinations of root vegetables and whole grains.

Facts about cabbage rolls

A cabbage rollis also stuffed cabbage or Hungarian pigs in a blanket.Cabbage leaves are stuffed with a filling and later simmered, baked, simmered or steamed in an enclosed pot and ideally eaten warm, often with a sauce. The sauce varies widely by cuisine.

In Finland and Sweden this very popular and generous dish, stuffed cabbage is served with lingonberry jam, that is both tart and sweet. As for Eastern Europe, tomato-based sauces or plain sour cream is their all time favorite.

There is another interesting fact associated with this dish and that is that since meat was a little on the costlier side for the peasant population, cabbage rolls tasted equally well with the vegetarian filling.

Since this dish was so versatile as far as its cooking is concerned, calorie count was never an issue with it. It can be steamed or fried or baked, and too without compromising on the flavor.